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What are dues used for?

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What are neighborhood dues used for?

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2023/2024 Briarcreek Neighborhood Annual Dues

What are annual neighborhood dues and why do we all pay them?

Throughout the year, funds from the September 1st annual dues drive is spent to pay utilities and other expenses to maintain our neighborhood (see list below). The funds are depleted throughout the year and when the new fiscal year begins on September 1st, we ask every homeowner to pay $75 to replenish these funds.

•  The fiscal year extends from September 1 - August 31.
•  Briarcreek Annual Dues are $75.

To pay annual dues, CLICK HERE to complete the online form. The form offers both 'pay by credit card' OR 'pay by check' options. If you choose pay by check, you will receive an email with mailing instructions. Additionally, using the form helps us keep our neighborhood directory up-to-date.

John Smalley was elected 2023 Treasurer. However due to health issues, Sherry Fair agreed to step in as the BNA treasurer. Checks, payable to BNA, may be mailed or delivered to Sherry Fair, BNA Treasurer, 6709 Newman Drive, OKC 73162.

BNA dues are used to pay neighborhood expenses and maintenance costs including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly mowing and care of grass and landscaping along Rockwell and Britton perimeters.
  • Care and maintenance of the six entrance beds.
  • The neighborhood OKC utility bill - sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for landscaping and entrances.
  • The repair and maintenance expenses for the entrance spotlights, electric outlets, sprinkler system controllers, etc.

Additional questions? Not sure if you've paid your dues for the 2023/2024 fiscal year? Click HERE to view the Dues Paid List or email us. We're happy to check our records. Email us at: info@briarcreekonline.com