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Board of Directors

If you have questions or suggestions for any of our Briarcreek Neighborhood Board members, please email info@briarcreekonline.com. Board members may also be reached on the Briarcreek neighborhood's Facebook page.

President: Mike Newcombe

Vice President: Ron Easley

Secretary: Anita Bartman

Treasurer: John Smalley

Immediate Past President:

Newsletter: V A C A N T


Welcoming Committee: V A C A N T

Compliance Committee: Mike Owens

Landscape Committee: Camille Roper, Jill Gilreath, Donna Riehl

Block Captains

Over the years, we have migrated to more digital means of communication. But our block captains are still vital to communicate with neighbors near them and be aware of new neighbors. They are also essential links for those neighbors who may not be comfortable with email, website and facebook methods of communication. If you are willing to be a block captain for your street or block, email info@briarcreekonline.com.

The following list is the most recent list of block captains:

Mary Ann Bowen: The homes on west end of Basswood Canyon near Rockwell.
John Smalley: The homes on Rockwell Terrace.
Judy Richey: The homes on NW 100th Street.
Mike Yardley: The homes in the 6800, 6900 & 7000's of Briarcreek Drive.
Jon Heavener: The homes in the 6800's of Newman Drive.
Cliff & Peggy Walton: The homes in 6600 & 6700's of Newman Drive.
Glenda Bowen: The homes in Newman Circle.
Keith Castner: The homes in the 9800-9900's Briarcreek Drive & 98th St.
Sharon Fernbaugh: The homes in the 9400-9600's of Briarcreek Drive.
Lynn & Doug Hartwig: The homes on Lakeland Terrace.
V A C A N T: The homes on 97th Street.
Camille Glasshof: The homes on 96th Street.
Mike and Becky Owens: The homes on Lakeland Road.
Bert Orza: The homes in 9700's of Briarcreek Drive.
V A C A N T: The homes in 6600's of Briarcreek Drive.
V A C A N T: The homes in the 6700's of Briarcreek Drive.
Carrie Lohr: The homes in the 6700 block of Basswood Canyon.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Briarcreek Neighborhood Association (BNA) is to unite as neighbors to maintain, support and improve our neighborhood, by building a strong community of neighbors. Together we can preserve the beauty and value of our homes. Our goal is to get neighbors together, share ideas and work cooperatively to make our neighborhood a better and safe place to live. Together we can combat community deterioration, preserve and protect the beauty and character of our wonderful neighborhood.

BNA is a non-profit, charitable organization serving the Briacreek Neighborhood. A twelve member Board of Directors govern the BNA.

The bulk of BNA's work is performed by four standing committees, covering virtually every neighborhood issue from beautificiation to code enforcement.

BNA's annual income is derived from association dues, with additional funds from special project fundraising efforts that are held as needed.

Briarcreek has a private neighborhood Facebook page in additional to this website. Our goal is to provide information and encourage communication between neighbors as well as provide access to BNA board members and block captains. We hope that these resources make it easy for you to be informed and involved in Briarcreek neighborhood activities and OKC activities.

Checkout the latest news, activites and photos of our past events. Feel free to review the neighborhood convenants, bylaws, meeting notices, meeting schedules, as well as other items of interest. We have provided convenient links to OKC park events, downtown OKC activites and events and local government officials.

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Briarcreek Meeting Minutes

The 2017 through 2019 Meeting Minutes will be added soon...

October 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes

February 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 2012 Meeting Minutes

November 2011 Meeting Minutes

Briarcreek Neighborhood Newsletters

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